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Personal safety and individual responsibilities

Personal responsibilities and suitability of individual tour elements

We have no stated maximum or minimum age for guests who accompany us on our tours. It is for each guest to make their own decision as to their physical suitability for the activities included on the itinerary. We shall always be as clear as possible in our descriptions of such activities, but it is up to each guest to decide whether or not to take part in each element of a tour and to take personal responsibility for their inclusion in each of those elements. If any particular tour element has a significant level of danger or extreme effort associated with it (a very unusual and unlikely situation in most of our tours) we shall make sure that all guests are clearly aware of this prior to the activity so that they may take personal responsibility for their inclusion in such activity.

In the exceptional circumstance of an activity requiring a level of personal fitness that your tour leaders consider particularly demanding, we reserve the right to decide at our sole discretion whether such an activity is suitable for an individual guest on a case-by-case basis. Tour descriptions will identify well in advance any such challenging activities

(2) Expertise of leaders and facilitators


All of our in-country staff are fully insured for the activities under their control. Ethiopian Experiences does everything in its power to ensure competence in both its own plans and actions and in the competence and suitability of any third parties used to facilitate tours – tour leaders, guides, drivers, hotel owners, local experts, etc. Local insurance is a compulsory element for all those in-country offering services to tour guests.

(3) Delays

Please be aware that delays outside of our control are a distinct possibility when travelling in such environments, whether involving variance in transportation schedules, delays in food provision in restaurants, lateness in availability of hotel rooms, problematic arrival of baggage after flights, etc. No financial compensation would be due in any such cases, but your tour leaders would of course endeavour to make the very best of any such situations.

(4) Insurance


We remind every guest that it is their responsibility to ensure a good level of personal insurance for their trip, informing us of the basic policy details prior to departure.

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