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"More diverse than any other African country, Ethiopia yields an incredible variety of places to see."
Trevor Jenner :Ethiopia, Travellers' Handbook
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See the photos and read the comments

All photos show guests on our tours. All comments were written by guests on our tours.

The trip was the best holiday of my life and your amazing photos will be a permanent reminder of the time we spent together Mary - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


Nothing could have prepared me for the most spectacular descent and landing into the Rift Valley and over the lakes to Arba Minch and beyond. It was in fact the start of the most beautiful holiday imaginable! Ro - Tribes, Mountains and Caves tour


Every day brought something new which, all combined, gave us an informative and fascinating insight into Madagascar’s people, its flora and fauna, its history, its many landscapes and more. Alison - Madagascan Odyssey


It was truly a fantastic trip and one that we will never forget - an exciting and revealing expedition to Ethiopia. What an experience! It has all been very special Sue and Les - Rift Valley Lakes tour

Just a short note to thank you both for your extraordinary help on, and organisation of, our recent trip to Kenya. In all my travels during the last 5 years I have not come across any other company that expended so much care and concern for its guests. Carol - Kenyan Experience


Your enthusiasm and excellent management skills soon had me feeling safe. The trip was fantastic and I am already thinking about the southern trip Jenny - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


A truly wonderful trip, expertly and thoughtfully led by Chris and Eyayaw and lovely Danny the driver, and very good times with fellow travellers Linden - Tribes, Mountains and Caves

People return time and again to go on your tours because they are unique, incredibly interesting and enjoyable, and you put such an effort into them. Judith - Kenyan Experience

This was a fantastic tour, the most exciting yet, and hugely impressive ... The selection of churches that we saw were all unique in their own way. The hotels were fine to great and everything else was hugely enjoyable. Jane - Extra-ordinary Ethiopia


Thank you very much for another fantastic trip . The experiences of Timkat and everything else were amazing Hazel - Tailor-made tour


It was a fascinating trip, mainly due to your empathy with the people, their friendliness and the help of the various guides Shirley - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


What a wonderful time I had in Madagascar! Eyayaw, Nambi and Chris made a super team. A BIG thank you. Food was fabulous. Alicia - Madagascan Odyssey


The group size was ideal and this was a well-balanced and well thought-out trip giving a fascinating picture of the real Ethiopia Sarah - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


The trip was very well organised. Everything was pitched just right and gave a very good introduction to Ethiopia Tony and Elizabeth - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


I really enjoyed the Madagascan trip. It was extremely well organised, full of interesting variety, and a fascinating encounter with an amazing island and its people. I’m always humbled by the fact that they have so little......we have so much......but their simple lives nevertheless seem contented and even joyful. Liz - Madagascan Odyssey

The tour of the Masai Mara was the most exciting experience of my entire long life. I have never before been so close to these amazing wild animals, who seemed quite unaffected by our presence, while we were completely protected in our vehicles and could stand up and admire them. Thank you both, Chris and Eyayaw. Maureen - Kenyan Experience

Excellent tour: well-organised and implemented. We saw lots of the northern half of a fascinating country Mike - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia

We had a wonderful group, we all bonded so well, and so immediately, all with curiosity of mind and most importantly a sense of humour! I think the strength of the trip was that you seek to ensure your guests capture the essence of Ethiopia; the culture, language, history and most importantly the people, so friendly and approachable. Paul and Marilyn - Extra-ordinary Ethiopia


I think the main thing to say is that one would have to go a long way to organise the trip any better than you did. The itinerary included a great variety of experiences packed into a relatively short space of time and all achieved at a very cost effective price Mick and Pam - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


The buzz in the towns, the different cultures - were humbling and amazing, something I'll never forget Bridget - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable, giving us an insight into Madagascan life. Superb views of the changing countryside Sue - Madagascan Odyssey


I had a wonderful holiday with you and the others. You are a first-rate organiser anyway so we weren't likely to have any problems. I hope to go back to visit some of the south Pat - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


We have had a fantastic and life-changing visit to this wonderful country! Paul and Janet - Rift Valley Lakes tour

All the local guides were very knowledgeable and were extremely helpful in many ways Anne - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


Your organisational skills could not be faulted. You managed to show us so much in a short time Sue and John - Rift Valley Lakes tour


Many thanks to you and Eyayaw for organising a very special Rift Valley adventure. Beautiful people, stunning scenery, plenty of wild life/birds, excellent drivers Mieke - Rift Valley Lakes tour


Thank you for the most interesting trip. Most enjoyable, a great bunch of people and an interesting itinerary. Thanks, Chris. Sylvia - Madagascan Odyssey


The various briefing notes beforehand were very full and helpful. Many thanks again Chris for a wonderful holiday Pat - Rift Valley Lakes tour


Chris, you gave us a life enhancing tour and one which I shall never forget Gill and Norman - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


I loved it all! Took a good week to stop pining and to come back to earth here in sunny Bromley. I have no suggestions for improvements - I do usually - so that is a real compliment! Cindy - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


I truly have had the experience of a lifetime Judy - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


Loved the day at Blue Nile Falls - lovely relaxing walk and stunning scenery Linden - Ancient, Historic Ethiopia


Great choice of places to visit. Amazing trip - well organised and run Diana - Rift Valley Lakes tour

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