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"Visit (Ethiopia) now while you can still see a huge diversity of tribes. See how they build their traditional homes, wear their traditional clothes and create their traditional hairstyles"
Trevor Jenner : Ethiopia, Travellers' Handbook
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Tribes, Mountains and Caves

Truly memorable experiences as you explore with us 
Ethiopian tribes, Hamer
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The ultimate Ethiopian adventure with no great physical challenges and a good level of comfort.

Dramatic Mountains and stunning landscapes, with almost certain sightings of the beautiful Ethiopian wolf, are followed by sculpted river caves, before moving to southern Ethiopia to experience the most extraordinary tribal cultures on earth, with a good chance of witnessing the iconic tribal Bull-jumping Ceremony. A truly amazing trip.

A thrilling tour of unparalleled rare experiences for just


plus flights and visa  

Everything else is included - comfortable accommodation, good food, amazing scenery, all tourist costs, guide fees, and coffee stops throughout the trip.

All tips and all land transportation.

Here are the dates for our next group tour in 2024. 

We'd love you to join us.

Departure on an evening flight
 Tuesday, 2nd July 
Return on a late night flight
 Saturday 13th July 
We would strongly encourage you to join one of our very friendly, small-group accompanied tours.
But if you'd prefer to travel alone, or as a couple, or as a group of friends, we can run this tour for you at any time of the year. You just need to get in touch and let's discuss your requirements.
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The itinerary

🇪🇹 Day 0: 

Evening flight 

Heathrow to Addis

Tribal territories in southern Ethiopia

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Bale Mountains

🇪🇹 Day 1: After restorative coffees and snacks, we may (depending on schedules) have time to stroll around the fast-developing Bole area before our onward flight to Goba, the airport hub for the Bale Mountains. Toyota Landcruisers meet us in Goba with our excellent, tried-and-tested drivers, your companions throughout the road-trip. The well-appointed and peaceful Wabe Shabele Hotel, on an impressive and spacious government hotel site, is our home for the first three nights and we'll give ourselves good recovery time on arrival.

🇪🇹 Day 2:  We have an expert guide with us for two full days here as we first drive high onto the Senetti Plateau, an alpine landscape that will surprise and delight. There will certainly be a chill in the air up here as we search for the prize of Ethiopian wildlife, the rare Ethiopian wolf/Red fox/Simien fox, call it what you will. This beautiful creature will almost certainly be seen, perhaps even at close quarters, amid giant lobelia and other mountain flora. After lunch, we enter the National Park to have close encounters with extraordinary Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, and ubiquitous warthogs.

" It was a most wonderful trip, and I didn't want to go home at the end of it! "
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Sof Omar

🇪🇹 Day 3:   After preparing our own nutritious picnic lunch, we meet our friendly guide once again and descend in an easterly direction, with the very welcome sunshine warming us up ready for our visit to the Sof Omar river caves, an unexpectedly sculptural and magical experience. Vervet monkeys and rock hyrax are in frequent attendance, although we avoid sharing our picnic lunch with them before driving back to Goba for the third night in our hotel and a good final dinner. 

Hawassa and Arba Minch

🇪🇹 Day 4:  A fairly substantial drive is on the cards today, passing through picturesque mountain scenery with further sightings of wildlife and moving us down towards one of the largest cities south of the capital, Hawassa, an attractive place with wide airy boulevards and one of the most picturesque lakes in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Our hotel is in the centre of the town and has an excellent restaurant, but we shall make sure we wander down to the lakeside for colourful birdlife and sunset views on our one evening here.

🇪🇹 Day 5:  We continue to travel south today towards the twin towns that make up Arba Minch, overlooking Lakes Chamo and Abaya, and the gateway to the tribal south (see our May 2021 newsletter). On the way we have plentiful opportunities for photos and coffee stops, with the changing landscape offering constant interest. Our resting place is the Ezana Hotel, named after the 4th century king who adopted Christianity for his country.



***The itinerary for the next few days is designed flexibly to allow us the best chance of catching a rare Hamer/Banna bull-jumping festival, one of the most extraordinary coming-of-age ceremonies in the world. 

Banna tribe

🇪🇹 Day 6:  A fascinating drive takes us to Karat-Konso, the centre of Konso tribal culture, where we have lunch before continuing south into the colourful tribal territories of the south-west. Passing into the area of the Banna culture, we visit a welcoming simple village with a local guide before reaching Jinka and the peaceful Eyob Hotel in its garden setting on the edge of town, our simple base for two nights.  

Mursi and Ari tribes

🇪🇹 Day 7:  A reasonably prompt start takes us with a local guide into the isolated Mago National Park to meet the Mursi people, the second of our encounters with extraordinary tribal communities.










Here is an almost unimaginable simplicity of living where we get a respectful but friendly welcome from the tribal chief - the Mursi ladies with their unbelievable lip plates will not be forgotten. We return to Jinka for lunch before going deep into the woodlands outside the town for our third tribal experience, an Ari tribe village. A superb little museum, dinner and a relaxed evening.

Hamer tribe

🇪🇹 Day 8:  Our road journey takes us down towards the south-west corner of Ethiopia to Turmi, centre of the colourful Hamer tribal culture. We check into the well-appointed Turmi Lodge and then, after lunch, we spend the rest of the afternoon with our guide in a Hamer village with very beautiful and welcoming people.

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" I very much enjoyed our visits to the tribes, all so unique and different. So lucky to have been able to see the Jumping of the Bulls ceremony."

Kara tribe

🇪🇹 Day 9:  This morning we shall take a trip out into yet another tribal territory, that of the Kara (or Karo) tribe who specialise in extraordinary white body painting, for a village visit high over a dramatic bend in the wide Omo river. And in the afternoon, the colourful Thursday market in Turmi must not be missed, a memorable affair with desirable souvenirs a-plenty and the Hamer people all in their traditional dress.

🇪🇹 Day 10:  It is time for our Landcruisers to take us back through Banna and Kara tribal territories to spend a final night in the Ezana Hotel in Arba Minch. On the way we have plentiful opportunities for photos and coffee stops, with the changing landscape offering constant interest.

Addis Ababa

🇪🇹 Day 11:  After a restful morning enjoying a little more of our village surroundings, we must fly north to the capital city. Once in Addis Ababa, we shall do any further souvenir shopping we wish and visit the wonderful private St George Art Gallery for some superb, if pricey, examples of Ethiopian craft. A final drink in the luxurious Sheraton, followed by a good dinner and relaxation in a comfortable hotel, and our eventful, colourful tour is at an end. Our late-night flight back to the UK (actually early Sunday morning) rounds off an extraordinary Ethiopian Experience.

Note :
  • We can never be sure of flight costs in advance but based on our past experience and the the most recent increases in international flight prices, the complete package of two international flights and two domestic flights may well come to something around £1100 per person.

  • The cost of the tourist visa at the present time is about £65.

  • For other general information, see Our tours > All the tours information

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