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 Your tour director in the UK 

Chris Grant, as Volunteer Tour Drector, is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable foreigners regularly involved in Ethiopia. With over twenty-five years of interest, activity and fascination with this amazing country, you will not find a more capable person to be your UK tour director.
He founded the charity Link Ethiopia many years ago to support education in that country, and also served on the committee of the Anglo-Ethiopian Society of Great Britain. He has a thorough understanding of Ethiopian culture and Ethiopian people.
Madagascar and Kenya are newer projects for him, and he is excited to be learning about these different lands, their culture and their history. He is happy to share his growing knowledge and experience with guests.

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🥀 Chris, you gave

us a life enhancing tour and one which I shall never forget.

🍂" The trip from my point of view was perfectly pitched and organised. It felt as if we were visiting with someone who was almost a resident in the country. Thank you so much, Chris! "


🌴" What a wonderful trip - and what a wonderful leader we had - such immaculate organisation and care for us all " 


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