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Cars, drivers and other services

(1) Our fleet of vehicles

Ethiopian Experiences are proud to possess a number of excellent tourist vehicles that are kept in fine condition and are always ready to facilitate our travel activities in a number of ways (see below). 

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(2) Our drivers

Each of our vehicles is looked after by its own full-time driver who is responsible for its upkeep and condition generally. We pay our drivers well and they give us good service always.

(3) Car and driver hire

All of our tours use our own vehicles and drivers when available, but we have many good associates from whom we hire extra vehicles when necessary.

We also hire out our vehicles on a regular basis, to other tour operators, to NGO's requiring transport, and to individuals who require vehicles and drivers for their own private trips. Get in touch if you are interested in using any of our vehicles and their driver-guides. 

(4) Our other services

Ethiopian Experiences are pleased to be able to help with a range of other tourist services. We can provide you with some of the best guides for your own journeys, not only in Ethiopia but in Madagascar and Kenya too. We can recommend and book hotels for you in all areas, and give you sound advice on whatever you are concerned about to make your travel secure, safe, enjoyable and memorable. 

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