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Our charity support

A unique aspect of Ethiopian Experiences  is the already-included generous donation that comes from each tour guest in support of various Ethiopian charities. Eyayaw's personal special charity project at the moment is the Eyayaw Children's Reading Library in Lalibela, the first of its kind in Ethiopia and eagerly awaited by the local children. Construction is now all but complete and we are just waiting for our touring activities to start up energetically once more to provide the regular funding to allow this project to get underway.

Support is also given on a regular basis to more than a dozen school children and their families in Lalibela. Past guests have offered to sponsor these children, identified by the school director as being in particular need of help, with an amount of money given monthly to enable these needy families to feed their children and make sure of their regular education. Eyayaw facilitates these payments and monitors the progress of the children themselves.

Eyayaw has been supporting local charity projects for many years and always keeps his eye out for needy and sometimes quite urgent causes. Among the charity support that he has engaged in are:​

  • Support for elderly people to make sure that they have basic comforts

  • Help for the poorest families to enable them to provide for their children effectively

  • Help for disabled children and adults to facilitate their lives

  • Support for a range of women's issues

  • Help for individual young people who lack the finance to enable them to attend university

  • Help with funding in schools and communities for the provision of fresh water and toilet facilities

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