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Your local tour guides

While the staff members of Ethiopian Experiences  are attending to your every organisational need and are making sure that you are happy, interested and comfortable during your tour, our hand-picked and expert local guides will be giving you detailed knowledge and ensuring your understanding of each place we visit.​

Any tour is only as good as the people who guide you in the countries themselves. On all the group tours, you will be accompanied not only by a full-time member of our staff (often our Ethiopian tour director himself) but also by an immensely capable full-time tour leader. This might well be our UK tour director, or it could equally be one of a small handful of truly expert Ethiopian specialists that we use, leading the tour with charm, superb English, immense knowledge and a real sense of caring for the guests in their charge.

On top of that, we engage local specialists in various places when we feel they can further add to your experience. With so many years of touring under our belts, we know the very best local experts available in each place - articulate and knowledgeable, flexible and interesting, impressively detailed in their understanding of our guests' needs, friendly, welcoming and fun.

We are truly proud of our wonderful local teams. These are the people who will bring the magic of Ethiopia, Madagascar or Kenya to life for you!

🍃" It was a fascinating trip, mainly due to your empathy with the local people, their genuine friendliness, and the superb help of the various guides."   (Shirley)

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