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 Ethiopian Experiences  is a registered company in Ethiopia and is the fruit of well over twelve years of planning and touring experience. Our Ethiopian director, Eyayaw Bayable, studied Hotel Management and Tourism before launching into a busy freelance schedule of tour organisation, running more than 20 tours all round Ethiopia even before founding his own company. 

Ethiopian Experiences itself has been in operation since 2016 and usually has a schedule of 6-8 tours a year, at present focusing on three countries in East Africa - Ethiopia, Madagascar and Kenya - and with plans to add more itineraries in East Africa in the near future.

Eyayaw himself grew up with the support of the Kindu Trust, an organisation which supports several hundred of the most needy families in Ethiopia, helping them to ensure good health and regular education for their children. His gratitude to this organisation has been the inspiration for the unique model of his present company, supporting a whole range of Ethiopian charitiies.
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