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Kenya is the Africa of childhood imagination – big cats, sprawling savannah, elephants, rhino and lone acacia trees. And a holiday in Kenya will deliver on all fronts

Ethiopian Experiences 

A land of world-famous wildlife and magical culture

Kenyan Experience

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When one thinks of Kenya, one immediately thinks of African wildlife in all its extraordinary variety

But Kenya has much more than just wildlife. Tribal culture, especially that of the Maasai tribe, is vibrant, while the beautiful Indian Ocean coastline provides quite different experiences. We have chosen the end of the year to give warmth to the chill of our approaching winter, an ideal time for wonderful weather and relatively fewer tourists.

A twelve-day tour of extraordinary variety,

culminating in a three-day full-on safari in the

world-famous Maasai Mara National Park.


plus flights and visa  

Everything else included - clean and comfortable accommodation, good food, amazing scenery, some of the world's most impressive wildlife, all tourist costs, guide fees, and all land transport.

Here are the dates for our next group tour in 2024. 

We'd love you to join us.

Departure on an evening flight
 Wednesday, 20th November 
Return on a daytime flight
 Tuesday 3rd December 
We would strongly encourage you to join one of our very friendly, small-group accompanied tours.
But If you'd prefer to travel alone, or as a couple, or as a group of friends, we can run this tour for you at any time of the year. You just need to get in touch and let's discuss your requirements.
Use the form at the bottom of this page.

The itinerary

Download and

print this itinerary

🇰🇪 Day 0:

Flight from Heathrow to Nairobi

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🇰🇪 Day 1:  A relaxed start to the day before meeting our guide and starting our exploration of this incredibly bustling and busy city. We plan to go to a colourful Maasai tribal market not far from our hotel with a huge range of desirable goods on sale. We shall then continue our discovery of landmarks and get to know this important capital city. We shall enjoy at least one of the modern, excellent coffee shops for some downtime. 

After a light lunch, we shall take transport to the leafy edge of the city where we shall spend a couple of hours in one of the most attractive and informative museums we have ever visited. Dinner will follow some relaxation and free time. 

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" In all my travels during the last five years, I have not come across any other company that expended so much care and concern for its guests." 

🇰🇪 Day 2:  Although we shall return to Nairobi at the end of the tour, today we take a short flight to the south, to the somewhat quieter and very different city of Mombasa, facing out onto the Indian Ocean. After checking into our modern, air-conditioned hotel, we meet our experienced guide who gives us a brief introduction to the city in preparation for tomorrow's activities. We then all take our first dinner together in this ancient city.  

🇰🇪 Day 3: In a substantial day of exploration, our guide is first going to introduce us to the ancient part of the city, with its characterful old buildings and lots of finely carved wooden doors and balconies. Once we have lunched together, we are going to go to Mombasa's most famous historic site, Fort Jesus, where we shall have an informative tour of this sturdy 16th century stronghold that has protected the city for more than four centuries. Dinner will be taken in one of the fine restaurants on the edge of the city.   

🇰🇪 Day 4: Today we explore more of the city and take ourselves down to the coast of the Indian Ocean for the first time for a balcony lunch with beautiful views, after which we travel just a few kilometres by tuk-tuk into the countryside to visit a wonderfully relaxed Haller Park and our very first sightings of Kenya's stunning animal life. Giraffes, hippos, elands, crocodiles and enormous tortoises await us in leafy and enjoyable surroundings. Kenyan families will also be there to find relaxation and amusement. We'll return to the city for lunch and have some more time to relax or discover Mombasa before we prepare ourselves for our road trip starting the next day.  


🇰🇪 Day 5:  Today we make a slightly early start on our short trip using private transport along the coast of the Indian Ocean on our way to the attractive small town of Malindi where we shall spend two rather special nights. We shall take a stop for lunch at the equally attractive town of Kalifi, after which we shall head for the ancient site of the Gede Ruins, well-preserved remains of a 13thC Swahili town now designated as one of the Kenyan World Heritage sites. We shall then check into a very special five-star hotel which is to be our home for the next two nights. It has an excellent pool, is situated right on the sea coast, and is just a fifteen-minute walk from the town centre.

🇰🇪 Day 6:  This is the mid-point of our Kenyan Experience and we offer you a complete day of lazy luxury in a most beautiful 5-star setting, with no fixed agenda. You can sleep, read, swim, listen to music, sunbathe, explore the locale, have a sauna ... the choice is yours. You will love the surroundings!


🇰🇪 Day 7: Before we leave attractive Malindi, we are going to visit the wonderful Falconry of Kenya on the edge of town, where more than twenty species of beautiful birds of prey are protected and flown for visiting guests. It's an unforgettable experience! You will also meet one of the oldest and hugest tortoises in captivity!


Then, after a relaxed lunch, we are on our way to the airport for our afternoon flight to the next place on our wonderful itinerary, the island community of Lamu. We shall be taken by boat from the airport to our hotel in the centre of this extraordinary place that has no roads and no motor vehicles. Just donkeys, and the occasional boy-racer on his motorbike! We are staying two nights in this ultimately peaceful and colourful place, the oldest continually inhabited town in Kenya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the original Swahili settlements on this coast.

🇰🇪 Day 8:  We have an excellent local guide to show you round the town this morning. We shall have lots of time to wander the narrow streets, visit the inevitable market and be shown round a newly renovated and well-curated museum. In the afternoon, we shall transfer to a motorboat for a ten-minute along the the coast to get to the island's most western point, the area called Shela with an excellent small beach, numerous colourful Maasai men selling tempting artefacts, and a truly wonderful cocktail bar where we can relax and watch the local boats and dhows plying their continuous way along the coast. We'll have dinner on the edge of the water before returning by boat to our very central hotel.

Back to Nairobi

🇰🇪 Day 9Our time in this peaceful place has ended and we are now heading for the true climax of this very special tour. We leave Lamu by boat and are heading for the airport and our two-hour flight back to the capital city, Nairobi. We shall have good time to prepare ourselves for our three-day Maasai Mara experience, but will probably also wish to reconnect with some of the areas near our very central hotel, including some excellent coffee shops.

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" The tour of the Maasai Mara was the most exciting experience of my entire long life."
The Maasai Mara safari experience

🇰🇪 Days 10, 11 and 12:  From here on, we are all in the very capable hands of our Nairobi-based safari experts who are arranging the whole package on your behalf. After breakfasting in our hotel on day 10, we shall make an early start and move towards the world-famous Maasai Mara National Park. We shall remain in a private group for all of the three days, sleeping our two nights on the edge of the park near a Maasai tribe village. Accommodation is in tented rooms with proper beds but simple surroundings. Some meals will be taken in our tented compound, and we can promise simple but tasty fare, eaten either in the dining room or around our own camp fire.






Day 10 will see us in a Maasai village for a short and welcoming introduction to Maasai culture, with tribal dancing (join in if you like!) and a demonstration of just how these clever people light their fires for cooking and heating, but with not a match in sight.

Day 11 will be spent entirely on safari in the park for just as many hours as you may wish.

Day 12 will mostly be taken up with the return journey to Nairobi and to our comfortable modern hotel once again. But before we sleep, we hope to take you for a very special banquet on the edge of the city with truly sensational dancing and entertainment provided by the Safari Cats Dancers!

🇰🇪 Day 13 Homeward bound, taking with us memories a-plenty. 


  • Flight costs can never be known with accuracy in advance but we are expecting return international flights to come out at about £800 per person.

  • The tour itself has three domestic flights in the itinerary - Nairobi to Mombasa, Malindi to Lamu and Lamu to Nairobi. These flights are relatively inexpensive and our own recent costs for this itinerary came to about £210 in total.

  • The cost of the tourist visa at the present time is £40.

  • For other general information, see Our tours > All the tours information

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