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"Ethiopia .. a fascinating history ... rock-hewn churches that defy belief ...
awesome scenery ... a weird and remarkable past ...

tribes among the most fascinating in the world."

Trevor Jenner : Ethiopia, Travellers' Handbook
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We can support and help you with your own

Tailor-made tour

Ethiopia, Madagascar, Kenya -
large and fascinating countries.

But if you are someone who prefers to explore the world under your own steam rather than join one of our escorted and scheduled group tours,
then we at
Ethiopian Experiences  can help you with your planning.
African countries can be challenging in so many ways, even for experienced and savvy travellers, and we have all the expertise and local knowledge to make sure that your travel goes smoothly and enjoyably.


When you book what you hope is an experienced guide to show you round, or when you get a vehicle and driver organised to facilitate your trip,

you do want to know that these people will turn up at the appointed time and the agreed place so that your plans are not frustrated. And communications in some of these countries can be anything but easy at times.

Our many years of experience mean that we can advise you on all the planning details to make sure of a successful and memorable personalised experience. There are very few notable places in Ethiopia that we ourselves have not visited. And we have knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff in both Madagascar and Kenya who likewise know their countries really well.

We have expert and friendly drivers in all three countries who will serve you well. We have personal knowledge of a great many excellent local guides in each area of each country, people who will unlock the true experience of travel for you without any hint of undesirable self-interest.

We use these people all the time and they are trustworthy and excellent.

You might like to use one of our regular itineraries for your own private tour, possibly incorporating one or two adjustments of your own.

We can help you do that successfully.


You may have particular interests such as the history of a country, the colourful and hugely varied tribal peoples or the wide contrasts of dramatic scenery. Perhaps you'd like to be just a little more energetic and spend a few days trekking accompanied by a local person who really knows where to go and what to see.


There's also bird-watching (Ethiopia is a particularly stunning destination for this), wonderful wildlife, traditional and modern art, coffee, photography, cooking, and much, much more! We can provide you with a specialist in any one of these areas to accompany you throughout. We can advise and facilitate everything for you. We've 'been there and done that' in fine style, and we'll make sure that you can say the same thing at the end of your journey.

  Send us a message (contact form below) to tell us what you want

and we can work with you to build the perfect trip,

a trip that actually happens as you wish it to.

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